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Share with people from all over the world while learning Spanish!

Spanish for kids

Give your children the opportunity to learn Spanish and expand their knowledge! Flexible personalized lessons with lots of interactivity and creativity where boredom won’t show up!

Spanish With Edgar Podcast

Is a Podcast that seeks to teach Spanish as a second language from three lines: the grammar, communication and Colombian/Latin American culture. This Podcast is a pioneer in Colombia, since at an educational-communicative level the teaching of Spanish as second language through Podcast platforms is still under construction. And in turn it was born as Edgar’s Master’s thesis project!

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One on one

  • Learn or improve your Spanish with a personalized program that considers your needs and schedule!
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  • Learn and get fluent in Spanish without leaving home!
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  • Custom curriculum and monitoring of your progress; our teachers strengthen your weaknesses and improve your strengths!
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  • Learn Spanish while interacting with other cultures and thoughts!
  • We are dynamic and experienced teachers who are experts in teaching Spanish as a second language!
  • Enjoy fun and varied methodologies that combine structure and conversation!
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