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The mission of Spanish with Edgar is to integrate a human sense of teaching with professionalism. As the first Spanish school for foreigners in Bogota created by Spanish teachers, it is our duty to know the needs of our students: to see them as people and not only as clients, in order to have a qualitative and ethical Spanish teaching/learning experience.

Spanish with Edgar aims to be an outstanding school in the field of Spanish for foreigners, having as a fundamental pillar the teaching with human and professional quality in order to provide an edifying learning experience in our students, having as a consequence an indelible mark in the memory of those who study with us.

8 years teaching Spanish as a second language to different types of population such as diplomats, professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, children, adopted people who were born in Colombia, among others. Through our online, one on one or group classes, we have had the privilege of teaching and learning about the different cultures and experiences of our students around the world, while learning Spanish with us!

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Learn Spanish fluently!