Edgar's team!

Who is Edgar?

I am the founder and teacher of Spanish with Edgar! I have been teaching Spanish as a second language for over 8 years to different people all over the world! My methodology is based on a deep and structured knowledge of Spanish. I teach with clear objectives to function in real communicative contexts. In the same way I have a master’s degree in communication and education. I’m also a podcaster, reader, traveler, low-level footballer, and impromptu DJ!

Who is Marisol?

I am Marisol a Spanish teacher from Bogotá, Colombia. I have experience teaching Spanish as a second language in different modalities such as online, one on one and in groups. I teach my lessons dynamically with fun games and activities. I love sharing and talking about Colombian culture and of course working on grammar and communication. I love meeting new cultures and making friends. I am also a padawan photographer and audiovisual creator. Finally I enjoy playing the ukulele! 

Who is Diego?

I love my language and that’s why I am a Spanish teacher. Teaching is something I love because it’s all about sharing: we learn not only from one’s experiences, we can learn a lot from everyone’s experiences as well. My day begins right after I take a walk with my pup. My methodology is based on a cognitivist approach, which offers a way of learning grammar from the context of the use of language, which implies that cultural exchange is also a tool to learn more easily: expressions, phrases, curiosities and traditions will be part of our classes.

Who is Tania?

Hi. I’m Tania. I’m a fully professional qualified and very experienced Spanish Teacher with over 7 years teaching experience. I’m a very passionate teacher who loves to bring diversity, ease of learning, patience and full understanding to each lesson. I’m also fully experienced and fully qualified to teach all aspects of Spanish: Beginners, Young Learners, Academic, Exam Preparation, Business Spanish, Grammar, Pronunciation, Conversation and Literature.

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